Municipal Offices
48 Washington Street
South River, NJ 08882

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Mayor's Advisory Committee on
Persons with Disabilities

ADA Guide for Small Businesses

Teresa Hutchison, Chair
John Brodzicki
Anita Chadha
Lori Harris-Ransom, Vice Chair
Douglas Heine
Mary Ann Hoffman, Secretary
Lynn Meloni
Robyn Prasek
Mary Wilk
James Gurchensky, Council Liaison
Danielle Oswald, President of SEPTA, Liaison

The meetings for the year will be held at the
South River Human Resources Building, 55 Reid Street as follows:

Wednesday, January 25: 7pm
Tuesday, April 19: 7pm - Agenda / Minutes
Tuesday, July 25: 7pm - Agenda
Tuesday, October 24: 7pm

Meeting Calendars

Stress Management Presentation

ACPD Agenda July 25 2017