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Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee meets with all other public safety officials once each month to review the various functions of these departments and to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents. It also reviews finances related to such efforts to ensure that taxpayers receive the greatest service for their tax dollar.

The 2018 Finance Committee is comprised of:
Councilman Jack Alai, Chair
Councilman Ryan M. Jones
Councilwoman Sandra Adelino

In 2017, the format of meetings changed, such that the Council members began running the meetings and driving the discussion, as opposed to the other way around. Changing this format has led to a variety of new efforts and ideas including:

  • The variety of GovPilot efforts
  • POLICE•it
  • Working to develop a Neighborhood Watch program
  • Enacting a Safe Streets Task Force
  • Ensuring departments are fulfilling their statutory requirements under Borough Ordinance.
  • Discussing various Ordinance changes that have an effect on public safety
  • Deploying a Body Camera program
  • Discussing ways to better improve functions of our extreme cold procedures, emergency situations, and school safety logistics

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