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NOTE: We've extended the deadline to June 5th to offer extra opportunity to those just learning of the program.

Our town is home to some of the brightest young leaders in the state and we believe that building relationships can foster an even better borough for all of us. This year, we are offering several internship opportunities to high school age students living in South River. We believe these opportunities will prove to be both satisfying and an excellent learning experience for our interns.

This program will be run out of the Borough Administrator's office, meeting with him and various departments periodically working towards implementing a particular project during the course of the summer. The program will be offered about two days per week during the course of the summer and while guidance will be offered, interns will be expected to be able to perform independently and creatively on their own.

We welcome all interested high school age students living in South River to apply for the opportunity. The Administrator will select from the applicant pool based upon perceived quality of candidates, experience that might benefit a particular type of internship, and a variety of other measures. The deadline to apply is May 29 June 5, by 4:30 P.M.

This year we will be offering the following internship opportunities based upon the current efforts taking place in the borough:

  • Environmental Assessment Intern - South River possesses tremendous opportunities for developing a stronger borough through planning that incorporates sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solutions. Such planning enables better decision making. Our environmental assessment interns shall be tasked with beginning the process of gathering data to better assess how to approach the many assets of the borough.
  • Local Access Television Intern - Local communities function better when information is accessible to residents and businesses. Effective communication is the key to ensuring disbursement of information to our residents and businesses. Our local access television interns shall be tasked with strengthening the quality of our local public access channel by identifying challenges, assessing the current system, and developing ideas to improve that system.
  • Complete Streets Safety Intern - South River is a small town that can be traveled in a variety of ways. Strong towns benefit from adopting policies that accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists the same. Our Complete Streets Safety Intern shall be tasked with evaluating the current status of our borough with regards to various modes of transportation, recording challenges, and developing an assessment for improvement.
  • Innovative Community Intern - Good ideas come in a lot of different ways. What makes places like South River unique are the combination of ideas implemented that create public spaces that foster community. Our Innovative Community Intern shall be tasked with evaluating the current status of our borough and developing a plan of action for creative change, identifying obstacles to implementation, and presenting that plan.

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