Municipal Offices
48 Washington Street
South River, NJ 08882

Building Department
Glenn Lauritsen 
732-257-1999 ext. 121

Link to UCC forms on the NJ State Department of Community Affairs Web Site

Construction - Glenn Lauritsen, Construction Official,
E-mail  732-257-1999 ext 121

Building Inspectors
    Glenn Lauritsen, Building Inspector
    E-mail 732-257-1999 ext 121.
    Ronnie Zammit, Building Inspector
    E-mail 732-257-1999 ext 127

Electrical Sub-Code
    Richard Vigliotti, Electrical Sub-Code Official.
    E-mail  732-257-1999 ext. 126

Fire Sub-Code
    Arthur Londensky, Fire Sub-Code Official
    E -mail 732-257-1999 ext. 136

Plumbing Sub-Code
    William Roman, Plumbing Sub-Code Official
    E-mail 732-257-1999 ext 106