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Communications Committee

On February 27, 2017, the Governing Body voted to pass resolution 2017-124, creating an ad hoc (exploratory) committee to address the challenges of ineffective communications between the borough and residents/businesses.

The Council identified that ineffective communication can lead to many negative side effects and the committee was created to begin to tackle these challenges and develop solutions to begin rectifying them.

The borough has gone many years without many communications’ mechanisms that other organizations and municipalities have been utilizing for years. Rectifying some of these deficiencies can happen quickly, but others will require a planning before implementation. This year, the communications committee is merely exploratory, created by the power of the governing body. If successful, it is possible that this committee could become a more permanent fixture within the borough.

Current Projects:

We publish the Monthly Buzz.

We are collaborating on many of the online services launching with DO•it to ensure they are effective and integrate throughout the borough.

We launched an official Borough social media presence, which you can follow at South River Boro.

We are working to strengthen the personality of the borough, aiming to develop a unified brand both on and offline.

We developed a Communications Policy to allow community organizations to submit to our Monthly Buzz and, eventually, to other places, with a "submit once, publish everywhere" strategy.

Items we are currently discussing related to Borough communications:

  • Identifying our current challenges
  • Near-term solutions for implementation
  • Borough website improvements
  • Other technology improvements to provide information to residents
  • How to implement social media solutions
  • Discussions on how to articulate the borough’s personality
  • Creating communications policies for long term impact
  • Developing more robust ways to keep residents informed during emergencies
  • Increasing opportunities for resident feedback.

Contact us

South River Communications Committee

Co-Chair Sandra Adelino
Co-Chair John Costello
Councilman Ryan M. Jones
Councilwoman Julie Meira

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