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Councilman Ryan Jones

In my tenure, I’ve been instrumental in making dozens of changes, focusing on cost-savings and customer service as my top priorities when solving challenges facing the borough. Uniquely, the Borough of South River is one of nine municipalities in the State of New Jersey who owns their own electric utility and I serve as one of the 6 trustees of this $16 million borough asset. As the 2018 Budget Chair, this is one area of focus that will begin to be examined in new ways to begin seriously reducing our reliance upon the electric utility surplus to offset historic budget shortfalls.

In less than two years, I’ve begun the transformation in a wide range of areas, and my roles on so many different committees make me an essential part of the administration’s efforts to rejuvenate our Borough after suffering from the aftermath of recession and hurricane Sandy.

Accomplishments include:

  • Fully developing borough communications policy, establishing social and traditional media techniques and strategies to build community and inform residents.

  • Development and passage of many resolutions and ordinances streamlining borough functioning and eliminating unnecessary regulations. Items worth note:

    • Advocacy for and development of framework to allow for Sustainable Jersey certification through establishment of Borough Green Team

    • Creation of paradigm and advocacy to adopt Complete Streets policy, along with Safe Streets Task Force to implement this policy to begin evaluating ways in which pedestrians, bicyclists, and automobiles can share the streets equally.

    • Support of effort to provide improved customer support, more efficient turnaround, and Borough savings through entry into a shared services agreement with the County to manage Fire Prevention for the Borough.

  • Introducing, building out, beta testing and strengthening user experience on a series of online services known collectively as DO•it, a suite of services designed to make getting things done in the borough a friendlier experience. This includes working with vendors to implement an online concern reporting system, an online registration and payment system, GIS mapping, a pothole reporter, and a garbage/recycling notification system. These services continue to grow and will be join many others as we continue forward.

  • Developing policy for, the framework of, and messaging to accompany a downtown streetscape revitalization program that unifies borough personality, strengthens the sense of place in our business district, and begins to cohesively address community/business development to restore the traditional development patterns of our historic downtown.

  • Laying out the framework for, and designing the vision for a dog park in a public space in the borough and building a functional coalition to support this vision so that it can be implemented as a benefit to the community.

  • Conducting an audit of our Borough Community Access Channel to be able to smartly invest in new hardware infrastructure to provide technologically up to date solutions for television broadcasting and announcements.

  • Organically growing and supporting new efforts to stimulate volunteer interest that improves community growth.

  • Seeking out public private partnerships whenever available to smartly fund and protect new ideas and efforts. Examples of this include (1) launching of a new expanded day summer recreation program to better address the needs of families; (2) finding and advocating for a nonprofit home for the community garden efforts underway within the borough.

Ryan M. Jones
(732) 955-4424

(Term: January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2018)

Council Standing Committees
  • Budget Committee
    2018, Chair

  • Finance Committee

  • Public Safety Committee

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