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Small Efforts with Big Effect

We're working on a variety of new efforts that are small in scale, meaning the overall cost to taxpayers is low, but the effect of the investment is large. Links to details of these efforts will be listed below to provide information and begin a larger conversation with you as we begin to implement many of these ideas.

Image of dog park concept

Dog Park Concept (.pdf)

At the March 27, 2017 business meeting the governing body will be discussing the possibility of exploring the creation of a dog park to begin the conversation of revitalizing our parks within the borough. It is possible that alternative moneys such as grants or HCD funds could be used to fund most, if not all of this project.

Green Team Header image

Borough Green Team

We are partnering with nonprofit, Sustainable Jersey to access resources that will put us on a path to develop programs and obtain financial incentives to improve the quality of life in the borough by implementing sustainable solutions that result in long term savings to the borough.

Communications Committee Header Image

Communications Committee

A new committee focused on addressing the challenge of ineffective communications between the borough and residents/businesses. We're working on near term solutions to address the issues created from this challenge and developing long term policies to change the way residents/businesses interact with the borough.

Image of Summer Rec program header

Extended Day Summer Rec Program

We're listening to feedback offered by families in the borough and realize that our half day summer recreation program wasn't enough for many parents who work. This year, we're partnering with the Raritan Valley YMCA to provide an Extended Day Program that we believe will be very popular for families in town.

Tree and Bench Dedications Header

Tree & Bench Dedications

In an effort to build appreciation for and attachment to our parks, we've launched a new program to dedicate trees and benches in town. We have a lot of ideas for this program and look to continue improving it as we continue forward.

Curb & Sidewalk Program header

Curb & Sidewalk Program

We've tightened up the process for our borough curb & sidewalk program and believe it offers an exceptional value to residents.

CALL•it Header

Borough Feedback Hotline

We're listening. Our borough feedback hotline is always open and we welcome your thoughts, concerns, or ideas on how we can make our town even better.

Monthly Buzz header

Monthly Buzz

So much is going on in South River but we haven't done enough to get the message out. The Monthly Buzz is our first attempt to do this, a product of the newly created Communications Committee. Look for it each month and at 48 Washington Street.

Header displaying photo of our new Borough Administrator, Jack Layne

Our New Borough Administrator

In early May, the governing body appointed Jack Layne, a credentialed manager with over 30 years of experience in local, state, and corporate management. He brings along with him achievements rooted in improving quality of life for residents and businesses.

Youth Leadership Program Header

Youth Leadership Program

We believe that our youth are a key to driving our borough forward and we've developed a youth internship program to provide opportunities for our youth to leave their mark on South River.

Image announcing Boro Facebook page

South River on Facebook

We want residents to be kept up to date on the functioning of the borough. We launched a Borough Facebook page to provide another way to connect with you.

MAP•it Header


We're working to streamline our borough assets and organize them digitally for all residents to access. We decided to make lemonade out of the State-mandated revaluation lemon and move our tax map and other geographic information online. This effort will be a work in progress that will ultimately save us money and allow us to better plan to be a stronger borough.

REPORT•it Header


All boroughs experience issues where things break, contain an error, or become a hazard. Our many departments work hard each day to ensure that these issues are regularly being addressed. But our residents serve as our eyes and ears too. We've introduced a new way to instantly report concerns on a wide variety of issues that one may face.

REPORT•it Header


We started paving roads again in 2017 after several years of the program disappearing. Many of our roads are worn from disrepair and have launched an online process to inform us of major pothole issues around the borough in order to patch them in a more efficient manner.

Header image of Borough Revitalization Streetscape Program

Downtown Streetscape

We've put together a cohesive vision for what we believe makes sense for our Downtown Streetscape. We must think about these things cohesively to be successful going forward. We have three major goals: 1. We must further develop the personality of our Borough business district; 2. We must provide additional and more useful parking opportunities to make it easier to visit the downtown; 3. We must get out of the way and make it easier for businesses to do business and open up shop in town.

Indepedence Day Fireworks Header

Independence Day Fireworks

Several years ago, the Borough moved its Independence Day Fireworks Celebration to the End of Summer. With the 4th of July being our nation's most important holiday, we wanted to bring this back. Rather than destroying our new end of summer tradition to return our Independence Day celebration, this year, we added our Independence Day Fireworks to our list of annual events, returning it to its rightful place in the middle of the summer.

Satellite Library Header

Satellite Library

The South River Library is working hard to deliver new cost-effective services for residents. As a pilot program, they are using 55 Reid Street to serve as a "North End Library" to expand their reach and allow for greater accessibility. Visit the Library website for more information.
Photo of a Sidewalk Cafe and header image

Making Sidewalk Cafes easier to open

The Borough Council recently passed an ordinance amending the Sidewalk Cafe rules in South River to make it easier for businesses to offer al fresco dining. We completely removed the application fee, eliminated many of requirements that slowed down the process to open, and expanded the areas in which such cafes are permitted by decreasing the minimum space necessary for a business to consider the option.

Image of neighborhood with text reading 'New Changes to Address Your Property Issues and Streamline Permit & Application Issuance'

Improving Permit & Application Efficiencies

We've spent the first half of 2017 listening to resident concerns and frustrations when it comes to obtaining permits, applying for borough services, and obtaining COs. We've been working closely with the building department to begin to streamline the operations within the building department. We're going to keep focusing on this area, because we're dedicated to making it easier to open business in town and obtain issuance of necessary legal documents.

Borough Projects Blog Header image

Borough Projects Blog

Throughout this entire year, we've been aiming to find new ways to bring news of major efforts being undertaken in the borough so that we can better inform residents. There is a lot of heavy-lifting and logistics that goes into setting up new communications channels but we're excited to be introducing our Projects Blog to explain the rationale and details of efforts being started. We encourage you to check it out!

Image of Shade Tree with text 'Plant One On Us, Shade Tree Planting Program, Rejuvenating our urban forest'

"Plant One On Us"

We're working hard to repair our urban forest after a years long trend of cutting down shade trees in the borough without developing a plan to replace them. In coordination with the Environment and Shade Tree Commission, we've launched an initiative for two shade tree plantings each year (one in the spring and one in the fall) to rejuvenate our shade covering in the borough that will ultimately benefit the environment, quality of life, and property values.

Images of a dilapidated vacant property with overgrown weeds

Activating Vacant Properties

One of the biggest challenges facing boroughs around the country is how to address properties that sit vacant with no effort to presently live, lease, market, or otherwise actively utilize that property. As a result, many properties around South River prove to be maintenance challenges and the traditional legal responses t dealing with this issue pose complications. With the revenue generated from registration of Vacant Properties, we're launching a South River Beautification Fund to help make our borough a more attractive place to live and work.

Images of a dilapidated vacant property with overgrown weeds

Roads Program 2017

After several years of no roads paved by borough efforts, this year we're paving numerous roads that are in desperate need of resurfacing. We're also working to create a schedule to begin highlighting future roads projects.

Beautification Program Header

Beautification Program

We've been working all year to put together a series of efforts to help beautify our borough. We are working on new ways to strengthen the ways in which South River is a wonderful place to live.

More Coming Soon.