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SkillUp, Take Courses, Get Certified, Find Jobs

SkillUp, Take Courses, Get Certified, Find Jobs.

We're partnering with Middlesex County to provide a powerful job skills service to our residents. We want to be sure to be able to connect South River residents to important job training courses and job boards because an individual's career is where they derive a significant portion of their well-being and human dignity. SkillUp connects residents to necessary courses allowing them to learn at their own pace and get valuable certifications that make them more competitive in today's workforce. These programs are developed by Skillsoft, a training provider used by Fortune 500 companies, so you can rest assured that the time invested will reap rewards. Skillup is available free of charge and at anytime, in a flexible self-paced learning environment geared on providing essential workplace skills. If courses are passed with at least 80% proficiency, you can receive official certification, which you can download and print as well as place on your resumé to bolster your competitiveness in the workforce. In addition, there are casual courses to assist individuals with other skills such as how to succeed on job interviews, strengthen your resumé, etc.

In addition, you can search for jobs by title or skill. Or perhaps, if you are exploring a new career path, you can even explore a variety of industry pathways to better understand the skills necessary to be considered for such jobs.

Click here to launch and sign-up for the SkillUp service.

If you have an idea that could improve other aspects of this service, we would love to hear your thoughts.

This service is one of several that are a part of DO-it.

This service is brought to you in coordination between Middlesex County Communications Committee and the Governing Body.